Assisted Living: Give Respite a Try

Thinking about moving to assisted living can be very daunting for seniors.  The thought of packing up a lifetime of treasures, living in a new setting, and being around all new people can be quite over-whelming.  There are so many benefits derived from moving to senior living, however, the one benefit that causes almost every client to perk up with attention - assisted living only requires a 30 day notice to get out of an assisted living contract.  It's the law in Florida.

Try It Before You Buy It

With most of my clients, I am able to offer at least three senior living facility options within their budget that are able to manage their care needs as well.  After touring each of these options and understanding the benefits of each location, a senior can get nervous about making the right choice.  Instead of being paralyzed about making the "perfect" decision, it's helpful to know that if the living situation just does not work out, it only requires a 30 day notice to get out of an assisted living contract.  And you don't have to live there for the 30 days, you just have to pay the bill!

Take Some Stress Out of Senior Living

Many families and seniors I work with are concerned that they will not make the right choice, and while that can happen, for the most part my clients make a great decision and do very well in their first choice senior living facility.  Sometimes just taking away the pressure of commitment makes the decision seem less unnerving and gives the senior the freedom to confirm they have chosen the right location.

Making the decision to relocate to senior living is big.  Huge, really.  Understanding options and how they can work for your senior loved one or yourself is incredibly important.  Know before you go and have a much more satisfying experience!

For help understanding your options in senior living, call Simplifying Senior Living at 321-327-2917.

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