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Simplifying Home Health Care Services

Simplifying Home Health Care Services Home Health Services in the State of Florida are performed in many different ways. Home health services can be delivered by licensed and registered providers as well as independent health care providers. These providers include: Home Health Providers in Florida Home Health Agencies Nurse Registries Hospices Home Medical Equipment Providers…
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Who Pays for a Nursing Home?

Affordable housing for all people continues to be an issue, and seniors, in particular, are hit hard in their years of decline. When it comes to the affordability of healthcare and living options for seniors, one thing we know for sure is that it pays to plan ahead. Failing to plan can be costly –…
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Skilled Nursing Facilities: Who Needs Them?

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) are establishments that have historically been referred to as “nursing homes.” They have provided healthcare and housing for the critically and chronically ill by offering 24-hour oversight and services beyond assistance with activities of daily living. Through the years, the term “nursing home” has developed a negative connotation despite being a…
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