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Education Services

Education Services – Knowledge is Power.

Education and training for assisted living community staff. Classes include: Core Training & Alzheimer's Level I, II, and Annual Update Courses.

Benefits of our training:

  • Live, in-person instructors with assisted living experience
  • Interactive and engaging classroom discussion
  • Experiential learning with opportunity for return demonstration of skills learned
  • Feedback to Administrators regarding student participation and behavior
  • Certificates for all training provided compliant with State requirements

What Employees say about Alzheimer's Level I, II, and Annual Update Training:

"Very informative and interesting.  Need more trainers that are this engaging and conversational."

"The time passed quickly because the instructor was interesting and energetic.  She involved us and our facility in the conversation which made it easier to relate to."

"Finally a class I didn't have to take online.  I got to ask questions and I learned a lot about the people I work with."

What professionals say about Assisted Living Core Training:

"I appreciated the use of the internet and showing me where to find resources I will need not only for the test, but in the future."

"Unbelievable amount of information covered!"

"Obvious passion for assisted living......  makes me want to make a difference too."

Classroom Instruction Courses:

Assisted Living Core Training

Alzheimer’s Level I, II, and Annual Update

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