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Education Services – Knowledge is Power.

Education and training for assisted living community staff. Classes include: ALF Core Training

Benefits of our training:

  • Live, in-person instructor with assisted living experience
  • Interactive and engaging classroom discussion
  • Small class size for optimal learning and confidence in preparation for exam
  • Check our Pass Rate

What professionals say about Assisted Living Core Training:

"I appreciated the use of the internet and showing me where to find resources I will need not only for the test, but in the future."

"Unbelievable amount of information covered!"

"Obvious passion for assisted living......  makes me want to make a difference too."

"Learning from an experienced Administrator makes all the difference!"

"The training instructor was informative, very encouraging. The class caters to you, the individual, your vision. I love the group discussion and the in-depth answers given. You WILL know what you didn't know by the end of the class - if not sooner."

"I am so happy I was able to take the course with you... I really enjoyed your course and the style of teaching."

Classroom Instruction Courses:

Assisted Living Core Training

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