Monthly Archives: November 2023

Beating the Holiday Blues

The holidays can be a tough time of year for seniors. Whether they are separated from family by distance or overwhelmed by the increase in daily visitors, older people can find the holidays emotionally difficult. Reminiscing about good times gone by or traditions that have faded away can lead to depression and feelings of isolation.…
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It Takes a Village

Growing older is not meant to be a solo journey. Throughout life, we gather people to our village who become instrumental in our personal growth and enhance our well-being. Some of these people are members of the family we are born into, others are friends who grow to love us like family, and ultimately, in…
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Plan for Healthy Aging

We all picture ourselves sliding into retirement – the absolute picture of health, grabbing wanderlust by the tail. Healthy aging doesn’t happen by accident. We are aware of the (not so) secret tips to healthy aging that involve diet and exercise. However, thoughtful planning and the right Elder Law Attorney are instrumental in enjoying peace…
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