Monthly Archives: November 2022

Financial Review: 5 Documents to Start the Year Strong

2022 is winding down and the holidays are upon us. These last few weeks are an ideal time to reflect on our accomplishments in the past year and think about the opportunities the new year will bring. Going into the New Year strong is on everyone’s list of resolutions, so how do we put our…
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Occupational Therapy: Making a Difference in Dementia

Aging is a tricky business. Independence is the goal and it seems to slip slowly out of reach at a faster pace. One fall leads to another… frustrating. If you are caring for an aging parent, you can totally relate. It’s hard to watch the ones we love become frail. We wish there was a…
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Medicaid Planning vs Medicaid Crisis: Preparing for Assisted Living

Aging is an expensive proposition. And as we age, we discover that aging isn’t just about getting older. It’s about getting wiser, applying lessons learned in life, and leaving those we love with a well-documented plan that outlines our wishes to relieve them of undue burden. Today’s senior population is largely the self-proclaimed hippies and…
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