Monthly Archives: February 2023

3 Real Life Reasons for Case Management

Have you ever traveled to another country and wished you’d spent more time on Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, learning how to communicate better in a different language? The learning curve for supporting aging parents can feel a lot like traveling to a foreign land and, since you are joining a journey already in progress, you…
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Mobile Medical Services: 7 Services for Aging at Home Safely

Are you caring for an aging loved one? Women make up 80% of the medical decision-makers for households across the country. With responsibilities for their own growing families and aging parents, this special group of care providers has a desperate need for mobile medical services to help support aging parents at home. (Women are also…
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Fall Prevention: 5 Keys to Success at Home

“I am afraid of falling.” Five heartbreaking words older people use to reason why they have withdrawn and become completely immobilized. The fear is real but prioritizing fall prevention and improving quality of life can be as easy as strategic interventions from an occupational therapist. Nobody wants a senior to be fearful of leaving their…
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