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Hurricanes remain relevant topic in senior safety

With Hurricane Season ending later, stronger storm systems, and consistently inconsistent "cones of probability," seniors still managing at home remain a point of tension for families wishing for the peace of mind often found in transition to a senior living facility. On good days with sunny skies and reasonable traffic on the roads, seniors can…
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Aging Requires a Plan

Every week I meet seniors and their families who are struggling to make a plan in the middle of a crisis.  Most of these situations could have been avoided, or at least minimized, by conversations about goals and plans for the future.  It's a hard conversation for most families, but necessary.  Talking about aging and…
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A Great Plan for Hurricane Safety

Hurricane season is a stressful time for all Floridians. Already this season we have seen significant wind and rain whipping through Brevard County, flooding roads and damaging property. For seniors living in their own home, there is a short-term option available when the weatherman starts talking about storm systems heading our way - respite care…
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Levels of Care

"What are Levels of Care?" and "Why are every facility's levels different?"  Great questions and a big consideration when choosing the right assisted living facility for your loved one. Everyone who moves into an assisted living facility needs assistance of some type.  It can be as simple as needing assistance with nutritional meals, assistance with…
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