Simplifying Senior Living with Knowledge and Experience

Simplifying Senior Living was created to provide an experienced and knowledgeable service for seniors and their families while being fair and thoughtful in partnering with local facilities.  With the benefit of over 25 years of operational experience in the assisted living industry, Simplifying Senior Living brings a facility-friendly approach to what is often a frustrating situation - finding the right senior living home for the individual to age in place.  With a strong background in senior living facility operations and  administration, we educate clients and families regarding their options and allow them to settle into their.own choice.

What Makes Simplifying Senior Living Different?

  • Family friendly
  • Personally involved
  • One move to age in place

We are family-friendly in that we don't simply send clients a list of facilities and offer no guidance - we are personally involved until the senior is settled into the senior living apartment of their choice.  We have no  interest in wasting a family or assisted living facility's time by introducing clients that cannot afford their community or who are not clinically appropriate.  Our goal is to assist with the one move that allows the client to age in place, for as long as possible.

Additional benefits include:

  •  ALF Rule/Law knowledge to benefit both facility and client
  •  State of Florida Certified ALF Core Trainer
  •  State of Florida Certified Alzheimer's Trainer
  •  BSW
  •  Certified Dementia Practitioner

If you need assistance understanding the options in assisted living care for your senior loved one or for yourself, please call 321-327-2917.

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