What is a Senior Move Manager?

Moving is not easy, and as you age, the process becomes even more daunting. By the time an older adult is ready to move to a senior living apartment, they have accumulated a lifetime of memories and treasures. Why try to do it alone?  A senior move manager is an invaluable part of your team as you face the overwhelming task of downsizing, rightsizing, relocating, and organizing the space that is right for you.

What is a Senior Move Manager?

A senior move manager is a highly skilled professional who guides seniors and their families through the challenging task of organizing and relocating. As such, they understand the difficulties that come with a move and are knowledgeable in managing the physical and emotional aspects of moving. The senior move manager is sensitive to their client’s needs and often helps reduce relocation stress. Your moving specialist will coordinate a plan to respectfully manage all your personal items.

Why Do I Need a Senior Move Manager?

Helping elderly parents move can be a daunting task. Adult children often have work and family obligations that leave them short on the time and patience needed to help a senior process through the emotions and hesitancy that come with change. Whether the family member is unavailable, unwilling, or simply unprepared, a senior move manager is a neutral third party that can work with the whole family to reach a satisfying conclusion.

Not sure that extra dresser will fit? Trust that your move manager will make the recommendation that works best for your space – and your safety! This moving specialist understands what is important to you. They will make every effort to accommodate the family keepsakes that come with a life well lived.

What Else Does a Move Manager Do?

A senior move manager can do much more than relocate seniors to a new senior living apartment. If a senior has decided to stay at home but needs to reorganize and reduce clutter to create a safer space, a senior move manager is a perfect solution! Many move managers have a background in social work, healthcare, or psychology.  This gives them the experience they need to connect with clients and perform meaningful work.

Ready for the great news? A move manager can help anyone with moving and organization needs. Additionally, the training and expertise they have acquired working with seniors and their families make them an excellent choice for busy professionals and overworked moms who want to delegate a huge task from their endless to-do list! Settle into your space and let the storage solutions of a professional move manager reveal a home that functions better for you.

Other Move Manager Tasks

Home organization

Estate sale coordination

Access additional resources


Staging homes for sale

Why is a Senior Move Manager Invaluable?

Wherever you are in life, a move manager is an invaluable member of your professional network. From passionately implementing custom-tailored solutions for moves to senior living to organizing busy professionals who deserve a space that is as productive as they are, move managers have the know-how for a successful transformation. Whether you are organizing your space or rightsizing to fit your current needs, move managers are all about making your whole home function better for you.

The services of a senior move manager give you peace of mind. Their passion for seniors and compassion in a transition to senior living is one reason senior move managers are one of the Resources We Love. Learn more about how these dedicated professionals can make staying home more manageable as well! Find more information on Senior Move Managers in the Resources Section of our Blog.

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