What is a Case Manager?

Many case managers describe themselves as being a stand-in adult child to their clients. For those seniors who have children who live far away or don’t have any available family members, a case manager is an ideal helper in the aging process. Case managers are professionals who act as a guide and advocate for their elderly clients.

Common Knowledge Areas

  • Health and disability
  • Financial
  • Housing
  • Local resources
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis intervention

A care manager specializes in health and human services and can be educated in several different fields, including social work, mental health, nursing, physical or occupational therapy, and other fields with a focus on aging and elder care. Professional care managers are knowledgeable about the resources in their area and how to access them, making them invaluable to a senior without family available to assist.

When Do You Need a Case Manager?

Aging can be overwhelming. If a senior is also separated from family, it can be especially stressful. Care management can be the connector to resources and benefits that the senior needs to remain independent at home. They can also assist the senior in setting goals to age safely in any setting they choose.

Professional Case ManagerReasons to Contact a Case Manager

  • The senior needs advocacy
  • Confused about legal or financial situation
  • Limited or no family support
  • Family needs direction and doesn’t live close by

A case manager is a care professional who puts their client’s needs first. As an advocate and educator, the guidance of an experienced case manager can save a senior time, frustration, and often money when it comes to creating a plan to avoid a crisis – or to navigate out of one.

A professional case manager has a heart of gold and a seemingly unending list of ways to help clients. That’s why Case Management is a Resource We Love! Read more about Case Managers and why they are the helpers you need to know in the Resources Section of the Blog.

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