Caregivers, Travel, and Family Holidays

Wanderlust. The itch to travel to far-flung lands and see people and vistas we never thought possible. While France may be a hot ticket for holiday travel worldwide, a person who spends their days as a full-time caregiver is happy just to get to the neighbor’s house for supper on any given Sunday.

If you are a full-time caregiver, don’t take travel completely off the table. With a little planning and flexibility, you can explore European cities, wander around your local art festival, or simply share a holiday meal with family and friends. How is this possible? Prepare to be a party of three.

caregiver and travel

A full-time caregiver knows the additional stress that comes with a change in routine. This can be multiplied when in a different setting. However, that doesn’t mean travel is over and the caregiver is banished to a lifetime in one place.

This is an opportunity to add one more person to your travel itinerary. A private duty caregiver is the perfect addition to any full-time caregiver's travel plans. It’s not about doing less; it’s about setting yourself – and the one you care for - up for success.

3 Reasons for Travel Assistance

More time with family

Time to explore isn’t over

You deserve it

1. Family events happen all over the world.

You have been celebrating milestone moments with friends and family for decades. Graduations, marriages, the birth of grandchildren – these were all occasions when you didn’t hesitate to book tickets and start packing. It got harder when you became a full-time caregiver, but the celebrations don’t have to be over.

A traveling caregiver allows you the time and freedom to celebrate your family milestones without leaving your loved one behind. You can both share the special occasion with family and allow your loved one to leave the party – well cared for – when the time is right for them. Whether you care for your mom, your dad, or your spouse, family gatherings can still include them, and you don’t have to miss a thing.

Tasks for a Traveling Caregiver

Attend to care needs

Maintain schedule

Focus solely on client

With adult children spread all over the country – even the world! – it can be difficult for families to get together during the holidays. A private caregiver is an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands, all of which are needed to allow the primary caregiver to enjoy family time without worrying about their loved one. Thinking about what to ask Santa for this year? A private duty caregiver to help through the holidays is the perfect fit.

Even if the party is coming to you and you don’t have to travel, let your loved one enjoy the holiday festivities on their own time. Having a private caregiver available means while everyone is having a good time, your loved one can still have their own schedule. Rather than call attention to limitations, celebrate independence with an attentive caregiver who makes sure care needs and downtime fit into the festive celebrations.

2. Travel accommodations keep people traveling later in life.

If traveling the world was “your thing” with your spouse, there is no reason this must stop. Everyone should be able to travel the world, no matter their limitations, and there are companies that can help. With travel accommodations and a private caregiver, the world is still your oyster! From specialized experiences in Iceland to joining the family on their next reunion cruise, everyone can be accommodated.

Accessibility accommodations, equipment, and excursions that cater to physically challenged travelers are more common than ever. Be sure to include a private caregiver in your travel plans to benefit both the primary caregiver and the one they care for. If your loved one needs extra rest, let the private caregiver stay while you enjoy one more walk through a local village or take in a relaxing sunset in peaceful silence.

caregiver and travel

Accessible Travel Accommodations

Accessible vans

Wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters

Accessible cabins on cruises

Modified excursions

Travel stretches our minds and shapes our hearts throughout our lifetime. Think of all the sights you’ve seen with your loved one by your side. Continue to share these special moments and keep exploring together as long as you can. Adventuring into old age can still be accomplished with a little extra help.

3. Primary caregivers deserve extra help and will rarely ask for it.

The burden on a primary caregiver can be overwhelming. Family members may want to help and just aren’t sure where to jump in. Or a parent wants to protect their adult children from the full knowledge of their daily challenges. Either way, a private caregiver offers an ideal solution to keep family functions on the schedule without minimizing dignity, independence, or the ability of the caregiver to receive the soul-sustaining support they need.

Extra help to host the family Thanksgiving meal? Yes, please! While the primary caregiver is consumed by several goals – not the least of which is the success of the family dinner! - a private caregiver has one goal in mind – the comfort of the one they are caring for. Let the primary caregiver flex their hosting muscle for as long as possible and support their desire to feed their family and nourish those they love most with the help of a private duty caregiver.

Help at Home for the Caregiver

You don’t have to travel far to see the benefits of extra help around the home. Family visiting over the holidays fills the home with love and laughter, restoring hope and reigniting memories long forgotten. Moments of sheer joy can be replaced quickly by the realities of caregiving. Give them uninterrupted time to soak in all the family brings to the table; let the private caregiver quietly attend to care needs, preserving dignity and giving space. This generous gift of time will be a rope to which they cling long after the laughter has faded, and time has moved on.

caregiver and travel

Private Duty Home Care is an ideal option to support primary caregivers who still want to be involved in the world around them. From travel to family dinners, having extra help is both a relief and an encouragement. Caregivers, you deserve to enjoy every wonderful moment that life brings you with your full attention.

Being a caregiver doesn’t mean you have to complete every task yourself – it’s ok to ask for help. Let Private Duty Home Care keep you celebrating milestones with family and friends for years to come. Learn more about this Resource We Love in the Resources Section of our Blog.

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