What is a Real Estate Attorney?

Raise your hand if you have ever read a mortgage, rental agreement, or “As Is” Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase, in its entirety. No one? That’s why you need a Real Estate Attorney. Every real estate transaction involves a contract, and protecting you from small print clauses and well-written loopholes is what your attorney does best.

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney in Florida?

While it is not required in Florida to have a real estate lawyer for closing, it is highly advised. The benefit of having an attorney early in the buying and selling process is undeniable. And if you plan to place the purchased property in a trust, revocable or irrevocable, a real estate attorney with estate planning experience is an absolute must.

Beyond knowledge specific to properly protecting assets, a real estate attorney can review documents to look for any misspellings or errors that may create problems down the road. They stay involved with lenders, realtors, and other professionals throughout the closing process and after closing. This ensures your closing takes place on time and in line with the purchase agreement. Additionally, a real estate attorney protects your financial and property interests by reviewing your lender’s financing documents. This review resolves any potential title defects or clouds on the title prior to closing.

4 Reasons a Real Estate Attorney is Invaluable

Review Documents


Title defects


Is it Worth the Cost to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Buying and selling real estate is the largest – and most popular - financial transaction many people will ever make in their lifetime. Whether you choose to involve a real estate attorney from the beginning or only have them review the final contracts prior to your signature, the services they offer ensure your interests are protected. Even small mistakes in the purchasing process can cause delays, void contracts, and add up unforeseen costs – or worse, expose you to legal liability in the future. The choice is always yours – a set cost now or unknown consequences and expenses in the future?

The primary goal of a real estate attorney is to make your transaction as easy as possible while protecting your interests. Real estate is often left as a legacy to family or purchased as a pathway to retirement. Either way, be sure your property becomes everything you want it to be with the added protection of an attorney on your side.

Diligent advocates with a passion to protect your largest investment, Real Estate Attorneys are an invaluable part of a successful financial plan. Their ability to help make a difficult process easier is just one of the reasons Real Estate Attorneys are one of the Resources We Love. Learn more about how Real Estate Attorneys are instrumental in Estate Planning in the Legal and Financial Section of our Blog.

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