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Probate and You: Why Hiring an Attorney is a Smart Choice

We’ve all seen the movies. The wealthy patriarch dies, and the grieving family comes together for the reading of the will. Only to learn that they have each been left out of the will and the entire estate has been left to the housekeeper! Dramatic? Yes. Unrealistic. No. There is one pivotal character missing from…
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Debunking the Myth: Medicare Pays if I Run Out of Money

This unfortunate myth has been swirling for decades. Let’s put aside the current discussion of whether or not the Medicare trust fund will become insolvent in the next few years and focus on the myth itself. Medicare does not pay for your care if you run out of money. Many times, people confuse the benefits…
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3 Real Life Reasons for Case Management

Have you ever traveled to another country and wished you’d spent more time on Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, learning how to communicate better in a different language? The learning curve for supporting aging parents can feel a lot like traveling to a foreign land and, since you are joining a journey already in progress, you…
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