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When I started as a social worker in a nursing home many years ago, Alzheimer's Disease wasn't as studied as it is today.  There were many in the nursing home diagnosed with "probable Alzheimer's" or "senile dementia" but we had no special unit, programming, or training for these patients.  They were mingled within the general…
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Respect the Stuff

I'm currently working with a sweet couple, married over 60 years, who spent their lives in service to our country.  In their extended travels with the military, they lived in several foreign countries and their spacious home is filled with beautiful pieces of furniture and art.  Recognizing that they were in need of a little…
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Who’s in charge here?

My automatic response to "Who Is In Charge Here?" is typically - "The Senior."  (Unless you are standing in my home, in which case I would point to The Pug...)   Whether they are making the decision in current time or through decisions discussed and memorialized in the past, the one in charge is the…
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Failing to plan is planning to…..

Today, I spoke to a woman who is in the middle of crisis.  She briefly explained how her mom had been in an assisted living facility, but had run out of funds so now mom is at home with her.  Mom has a very small amount of money from social security and another small stipend,…
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