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The Residency Agreement needs a good review…. by you.

Often seniors and their families will wait for a crisis to arrive before learning more about assisted living facilities.  The facilities are prepared for this reality and are able to accommodate new residents fairly quickly, however, the same paperwork and agreements apply even if the senior and their family hasn't had time to fully absorb the details.

A Residency Agreement or Resident Contract is a significant document included in the admissions paperwork of any assisted living facility.  Most of the document will include information that is required by the State and includes details specific to the facility such as costs and services, how the contract can be terminated, and information regarding their policies such as their Do Not Resuscitate Order policy.  It is important that the family and the senior take the time to review this document and take note of all items included in the Contract and understand what is specific to the facility you have chosen.  If you don't know what is specific to the facility you have chosen, be sure to ask.  This document is your road map to a successful partnership, outlining your responsibilities and those of the facility.  Once it is signed, your signature is your consent of understanding to all information and policies included in the Contract.

While all assisted living facility contracts are able to be terminated by the resident with only thirty (30) days notice, relocation due to a misunderstanding of the terms of the Resident Contract would be unfortunate and avoidable with minimal planning.

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