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Nice isn’t enough….

Theodore Roosevelt has been credited with saying, “People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  It’s common to find people who care in senior healthcare.  That’s nice.  You still want to know how much they know.  Senior services is a constantly growing industry and offers many enticing franchise opportunities and other businesses that have limited to no regulatory oversight.  Many people have seen dollar signs as they jump into the senior care industry after decades in a non-related field and suddenly entitle themselves “senior experts” and “senior advisors.”  When seeking financial or legal advice, your neighbor may have good intentions, your friend from church may have “gone through this before” with their own parent – yours is a very individualized journey – you want to find a licensed, seasoned professional in the field of your inquiry.

When handling these sensitive areas of your senior loved one’s lives – care, finances, legacy – you want to be sure that you don’t make the often costly mistakes that come when following friendly advice.  When seeking clinical support, seek out a licensed nurse case manager; when seeking legal advice, find an elder law specialist; when looking for financial advice, find a financial advisor who has experience and knowledge regarding products pertaining to seniors and senior care.  This is one question you don’t want to hesitate to ask anyone who has offered to help or to whom you have been referred for help – what are your credentials and what makes you most qualified to provide this service?

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