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Hurricanes remain relevant topic in senior safety

With Hurricane Season ending later, stronger storm systems, and consistently inconsistent "cones of probability," seniors still managing at home remain a point of tension for families wishing for the peace of mind often found in transition to a senior living facility. On good days with sunny skies and reasonable traffic on the roads, seniors can struggle with the day-to-day tasks of shopping for groceries, getting to and from doctors appointments, and social activities including church and various events. When the winds of pending storms blow in more traffic and hectic preparations, seniors can be thrown off their routine and, if caring for a spouse as well as themselves, placed in stressful situations that put them at greater risk for injury and inadequate arrangements due to increased demands on their time.

Senior living facilities, specifically skilled nursing centers and assisted living facilities, continue to elevate their planning for the safety of the seniors in their care, particularly in the face of events such as hurricanes. While these facilities have long provided Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans required by the State and submitted to their local Department of Emergency Management annually; this year, Florida added new rules for Emergency Environmental Controls (generators) for all facilities. While facilities continue to strive for compliance and meet the requirements of the new rule, some have not yet achieved compliance and remain in contact with the State regarding their proposed timeline of compliance.

As seniors look for an appropriate senior living facility, whether in crisis or in preparation before a crisis occurs, how do they know who has a generator and who does not? Who evacuates and who stays in place during a hurricane? And beyond Hurricane Season, how does a senior know which senior living environment will meet their needs? Seniors have social requirements, financial guidelines, and geographical preferences in addition to care and safety concerns. There is much to think about in a transition such as this - let Simplifying Senior Living use over twenty years of experience in assisted living and senior related services to help with guidance in this decision. Have questions about senior living? We can help. Call us at 321-327-2917.

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